titles | abstracts

Naomi Altman | Penn State U  Reproducibility, Evidence and Experimental Design
Jim Berger | Duke  Four types of frequentism and their interplay with Bayesianism
Peter Bickel | UC Berkeley  Independence and functional dependence
Tony Cai | Wharton | U Penn  Minimax and Adaptive Estimation under Nonstatistical Constraints
Aurore Delaigle | Uni Melbourne  Estimating a Covariance Function from Fragments of Functional Data
Zhou Fan | Yale
Ed George | Wharton U Penn  From Minimax Shrinkage Estimation to Minimax Shrinkage Prediction
Christopher Jennison | Bath  Sequential and adaptive designs
Tracy Ke | Harvard  Optimal Inference for Network Data by Cycle Count Statistics
Thomas Lee | UC Davis  Fiducial Made Sexy
Oleg Lepski | Aix-Marseille Univ  Minimax estimation of nonlinear functionals
Zongming Ma | Wharton | U Penn
Hans-Georg Mueller | UC Davis  Distributional Regression Models
Gourab Mukherjee | USC  Improved Nonparametric Empirical Bayes Estimation using Side Information
Alexei Onatskiy | Cambridge  Uniform asymptotics for weak and strong factor
Debashis Paul | UC Davis  Regularized testing of linear hypotheses in high-dimensional settings
Prathapasinghe Dharmawansa | U of Morotuwa
Reid | U Toronto  Likelihood theory and high-dimensional inference
Marta Sanz Solé | U Barcelona Anisotropic random fields: hitting probabilities
Tselil Schramm | Stanford  The computational complexity of spiked matrix models
Sir Bernard Silverman | Nottingham  Statistics and The Fight Against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
Craig Tracy | UC Davis  From Random Matrices to Stochastic Growth Processes
Alexandre Tsybakov | CREST, ENSAE & IP Paris  Statistical decisions for variable selection
Matt Wand | U Tech Sydney  The generalized linear mixed model leading terms : a Stanford story
Jane-Ling Wang | UC Davis  The Trouble with Sparse Functional Data
Bin Yu | UC Berkeley  Interpreting Deep Neural Networks towards Trustworthiness

Linda Zhao | Wharton | U Penn  “Needles and straw in the haystack” : Detect sparse signals via nonparametric empirical Bayes
Huibin Harry Zhou | Yale  Leave-one-out Singular Subspace Perturbation Analysis for Spectral Clustering